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Inbound Program

JICE invites youth such as high school students and university students and young adults from other countries/regions in the Asia, Oceania and North America to Japan, and arranges the programs that take place in Tokyo and other regions throughout Japan for duration of about 10 days.

Participants will be given opportunities to deepen their understanding of the Japanese culture and society through experiencing Japan’s cutting-edge technologies, traditional cultures and performing arts, historical heritage, nature spots, local businesses and subcultures such as manga, animation, and cosplay, which are currently attracting people from around the world. Additionally, under the school exchange program, participants will attend classes and club activities, and have a discussion session with students of the same age group. Participants will also experience a typical lifestyle in Japan through homestay program, and develop a friendship and trustful relationship beyond social, cultural and customary differences.


Outbound Program

Japanese students consisting of high school or university will be dispatched to Asian and North America countries and regions for duration of about 10 days. At the visited country/region, the participants will send messages about the allure of Japan and his/her home town. They will also learn about the relationship between Japan and the visited country, its social structure and culture through school exchange programs, home visit and/or homestay programs and field trips to the historical spots and local businesses.