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Site Policy

Site Policy

“JENESYS2.0 and KAKEHASHI Project website” (hereinafter referred to as this website) is operated by the Japan International Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as JICE).

Please read the following terms and conditions, and use this website only if you agree with these terms and conditions.

Please note that any information contained in this site policy may be subject to change without notice. Any changes in this site policy will be posted on this website. At the time of first access to this website and the time of use of this website following the posting of a change, the user shall be considered to have agreed to the terms and conditions following such a change.

1. Purpose

  (1)The purposes of this website are to provide useful information about Youth Exchange Programs that are implemented by JICE for all concerned parties and participants of these Programs, as well as to support a wide range of international exchange opportunities.

2. Copyright
  (1)The copyright (or intellectual property right) of all contents on this website (such as information, resource materials, images, videos, audio data, etc.), unless specifically stated otherwise, belongs to JICE.
  (2)Except to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law or those that are strictly personal, any use of all or part of the content of this website (including but not limited to copying, modification, display, reproduction, sales) is prohibited without prior written permission of JICE.
  (3)The content on this website may be excerpted for educational purposes or to the extent expressly permitted by applicable law, provided that the following credit line is cited.
  “Information provided by Japan International Cooperation Center&rdquo
  (4)In any case where JICE has provided permission to use the content on this website for commercial purpose such as advertisement of a product, sale, etc. in pursuant to the above paragraph (2), such permission does not indicate JICE’s endorsement or recommendation of the product, nor will it be conferred on an exclusive basis.

3. Link to this website
  (1)If you wish to link to this website, please contact the operator of this website.
  (2)Permission to link to this website is not granted if the requesting site contains slanderous or defamatory material or content offensive to public decency, when visitors could be misled into thinking that the site is affiliated or has a cooperative relationship with JICE, or when there is a potential copyright infringement.
  (3)JICE may notify you to delete or change the link to this website, if JICE has determined that the link to this website, etc. is inappropriate. Additionally, please note that the URL for any given content may change or be removed without prior notice.

4. Disclaimer
  (1)While every effort is made to provide accurate information and to ensure security, JICE does not guarantee that there will be no errors in the contents of this website, nor does it preclude the possibility of cyber-attacks that result in the altering of the content. JICE disclaims any liability for any damages accruing from the use of this site or its contents.
  (2)JICE disclaims any liability for content, links, and other information provided by third-parties, as well as their translations performed by JICE that are included in this website for convenience of users.
  (3)Please note that JICE may change the information on this website, or suspend or terminate operation of this website, without prior notice. JICE accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of any change of information provided on this website, or suspension or termination of operation of this website regardless of the reason.