Voice from Participants

Voice from Participants

◆ You can read the voices of host students and families in all over the Japan who joined and made exchange through JICE's exchange program.
◆ You can read the voices of participants of JICE's exchange program.
  Please click the country name that you want to read. 

   ((North America))
    ・United States      ・Canada

   ((Southeast Asia))
    ・Brunei    ・Cambodia ・Indonesia  ・Laos ・Malaysia
    ・Myanmar  ・Philippines  ・Singapore ・Thailand   ・Vietnam

   ((South Asia))
    ・Afghanistan  ・Bangladesh  ・Bhutan   ・India
    ・Maldives     ・Nepal      ・Pakistan  ・Sri Lanka

   ((East Asia))
    ・China  ・South Korea  ・Mongolia  ・Taiwan  ・Timor-Leste

   ((Latin America))
    ・Brazil       ・Mixed Batch