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Mr. & Mrs. N's Post-Programme exchange reports

 The other day, I had the opportunity to speak to Mr. N, who was kind enough to cooperate with us in the host family interviews (click here to see the content of the interview).

 Over the six months since the Vietnamese high school girls returned home in March 2010, the girls have sent e-mails about once a week. I'm sure they must have missed their much-loved Japanese family.

 Then, in May this year, Mr. N went on his own to Vietnam to meet them.


 The hotel where Mr. N had a reservation was double-booked so he couldn't stay there, and he had various difficulties, such as having to move to another hotel in a hurry, but he was really pleased to meet up again with the two girls and said that he had a fun time.

 He received a warm welcome from both families, including the grandparents of each girl.

      104-2-1.JPG      104-2-2.JPG

 The girls showed him around their school,


and arranged a rental car so they could take him to the Phong Nha cave,which is a World Heritage Site. They were so hospitable that he almost felt ashamed.


 Moreover, students and teachers who had visited Chikuma City with the two girls gathered together and they all went for a walk and took photographs.

 Mr. N received many messages and souvenirs from all of them, with requests to hand these to their host families back in Japan.

 The interaction is still continuing even now, and Mr. N has received news that one of the girls has entered Hanoi University, while the other has entered a university in Hue.

 The girl at a university in Hue is studying economics.

 In addition, she said that on the desk in her room is a picture she took while staying with Mr. and Mrs. N in Japan, and sometimes she gets nostalgic while looking at it. Mr. N sounded very happy as he told me that she is studying Japanese hard, so that she'll eventually be able to speak to Mr. and Mrs. N in Japanese.

 The two-night, three-day homestay may seem short, but I felt that it is sufficient to build strong links between families.