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  Shingo Tanabe
(This is a testimonial that we received before the Great East Japan Earthquake)
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Becoming a Host Family
  Shingo Tanabe
(This is a testimonial that we received before the Great East Japan Earthquake)

 I first met Ng Kit Chong when he came to my school in Okinawa (Okinawa Shogaku Senior High School) on the JENESYS Programme at the end of May 2010. At that time, I was not his host family, but during his visit we became friendly enough to exchange contact details.

 In early September, he got in touch to say "I'm coming to visit Okinawa in the winter." After that, we exchanged and decided on his precise schedule and where he would stay.

 At that time, he said, "If possible, I'd like to visit the school." Of course, during that period, there would be normal lessons going on at school and I wondered what to do; I consulted my teacher, who gladly agreed, so I was filled with joy and surprise. Ng Kit Chong is proficient in Japanese, so we decided that he would attend the same classes as me.

142-5.jpg On December 5, I met Ng Kit Chong for the first time in six months. He had brought his father with him, and we all went for a meal at an Okinawan restaurant. They were staying at a hotel.

 On December 9, Ng Kit Chong began a homestay at my house. As I said before, he is really proficient in Japanese, so even my younger brother and my father, who cannot speak English, were able to have conversations with him, and they looked very happy.

142-4.JPG The next day, he came to my school for the first time. Firstly, he went to greet our school principal, and then he came to my class. My classmates were kind enough to treat him like a transfer student, and he soon blended in to our class.

 On our days off, we went to enjoy ourselves at various entertainment facilities, such as a bowling alley and a karaoke parlour.

 Then, on December 14, the day of our farewell arrived. The following day, I was going to Taiwan on the Okinawa Shogaku short-term study overseas program, so from that day until the 19th (they day when Ng Kit Chong was going home to Singapore), he went to stay at someone else's home.

 I am still in contact with Ng Kit Chong. Recently, I have started going onto Facebook, so I have been able to keep in close contact with him, of course, as well as other people I got to know during that program, and also people who I have met through other exchange activities. In addition, my family have said that it was good to get to know about another country's culture through this exchange experience.

 I think that participating in this kind of program provides a great opportunity to make new friends, to get to know more about the other person's country, and to take another look at Japan. Accordingly, I want to take part in this kind of program again in the future.

>>>Click here for the testimonial by Ng Kit Chong from Singapore, with whom Mr. Tanabe was reunited.