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A project of JENESYS 2012 Batch 1 – Hokkaido Group
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Walang Plastikan: No to Plastic Bags, Yes to Re-usable Bags
A project of JENESYS 2012 Batch 1 – Hokkaido Group

 Our group, Batch 1 2012 Hokaido Group is part of the "Go Green" batch of JENESYS. We went to Japan last April 10-18, 2012. A large part of what we have learned is Japan is how they conserve their environment through proper waste management. In Tomakomai Clean Center, Hokkaido, Japan, were surprised to learn how expensive it is to dispose waste. 500M Yen are spent yearly to dispose waste (biodegradable and non-biodegradable) of their community. Thinking of the Philippines, not only is it costly for us to dispose waste but when waste are not collected and disposed properly, they clog rivers that results to floods.

 In Manila, 16% of waste of the metropolis comes from plastic. This is because plastic bags are disposed immediately after use. As a group, we saw this as an opportunity to contribute. We will contribute in the reduction of waste by starting a campaign to use Re-usable Bags instead of Plastic Bags.

  "Walang Plastikan: Yes to Reusable Bags, No to Plastic Bags" is a campaign to reduce garbage in our community by committing to use re-usable bags instead of plastic bags. Over the years, plastic bags have been a major part of the garbage and a campaign among the youth to use paper/reusable bags instead of plastic bags will certainly create lasting benefits for our community and our country.


460_2.jpg We started with ourselves. We wanted to translate our KNOWLEDGE → PRACTICE →HABIT of reusing our plastic bags to reduce waste. To ensure recall, we created a logo for our campaign.

 After which, all members of Hokkaido Group committed to secure a re-usable bag for their use. With this, we will be able to reduce the use of disposable plastic bags.

 Hokkaido Group committing to use Re-usable Bags


 We did not stop with ourselves alone. Since we know that we need to also influence others in our campaign, we have agreed to campaign to 25 persons to use re-usable bags. There are students who campaigned in their classrooms, there are students who campaigned to their families and friends, and there are students who campaigned in schools. The students and supervisors did one on one and group campaigns. We have already reached 400 PEOPLE! And all of them have pictures in our Facebook Page.

 We continue to campaign to family and friends to use Re-usable bags. We believe that the learning we had in Japan about waste management and our drive to do our best to reduce waste in this country will go a long way. With the knowledge we have and we have imparted, we hope that we will call practice re-use and create a habit.

 Thank JAPAN for allowing us to learn from your country. Rest assured that we will continue to use this learning to make a difference in our community and our country.