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Participant in the Philippines visiting Japan May 2012
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Post-Programme Exchange and Activity reports

The Activity Reports from participants
Participant in the Philippines visiting Japan May 2012

 In May 2012, around 200 students from around the Philippines were chosen to represent our country as goodwill ambassadors during the JENESYS Program 2012. Focused on the events that transpired last March 11, 2011, these young individuals were brought to the areas devastated by the earthquake and tsunami to get a first-hand experience at what Japan had to really face. Needless to say, it was a life changing experience.

 We are the seven chosen few who represented our dear city to participate in the final year of the JENESYS Program. We went to Japan on a mission: one, to let it be known by our dear Japanese neighbors that we are one with them on their continuous road to recovery. It is a road we tread together. And two: to bring whatever we learned from the program and try to apply it here for the betterment of our people.

 We have learned so much, and can only give you a small glimpse of what we experienced.


To that we say...Gambare, Japan!

 Please find our pictures, documents, presentations, and reports that the JENESYS 2012 Baguio-Benguet Ambassadors have been able to come up with so far. Just to give a quick summary, we are the youth delegates from this area and we came up with a couple of activities in relation to the JENESYS Programme. In line with this month's Philippines-Japan Friendship Month, we teamed up with head of the Filipino Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon to bring to Baguio a Photo Exhibit and Public Forum.

 The two forums held on June 7 and 14 at the Baguio Cinematheque during the Japanese Film Festival. Each forum lasted an hour each, and at the end, we reached around 100 people mostly coming from the youth sector. Please note that we also did a presentation about our experiences and lessons learned during the JENESYS program during the Cordillera Youth Leader's Anniversary with the cooperation of Sir Jun Angeles and his office.
 Pictures displayed during the Photo Exhibit.

466-2.jpg 466-3.jpg
466-4.jpg 466-5.jpg
466-6.jpg 466-7.jpg 466-8.jpg

 The JENESYS Photo Exhibit (at the Baguio Cinematheque and University of the Cordilleras). The photos were all taken by us, and to make it more interactive, we've been asking exhibition goers to add paper cranes to symbolize peace and support among the two countries to the exhibition boards. The exhibit will move to the Baguio Museum from August 5 -28 for the Tanabata Festival.

466-9.jpg 466-10.jpg 466-11.jpg

 Preparations for the activities.

466-12.jpg 466-13.jpg

 The details of the activities are as follows:

 ① Final Report

 As for our future plans, for one, we will be continuing with the photo exhibit (we are trying to bring them to different schools in the area), and if Oguni Sensei requests, we will conduct more forums. For now, we are supporting the friendship month.
 However, we plan to continue helping the NYC(National Youth Comission) Regional Office out, and would love to help the Japanese Embassy out anytime.

 Lastly, on behalf of the Baguio-Benguet delegates, from the bottom of our hearts, we would like to thank the Japanese Embassy and JICE, with the help of the NYC office, for letting us become a part of the JENESYS Program.
 We learned a lot and have the ambition to use the knowledge we have now to strengthen ties between our two countries and to bring progress and development. Thank you very much to the government of Japan! We remain with you 100% of the way in your road to recovery after the disaster. Again, thank you and more power!