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I wish to return to Japan after JENESYS Programme

I want to study in Japan.
We are pleased to hear that the people who had participated in JENESYS programme became interested in Japan and wish to return to Japan for further study. Here we will provide you with general information for your reference. However, JICE cannot be held responsible for any problems concerning studying abroad by individuals. Please make your decision after thorough consideration.
JICE international students support system
STUDY IN JAPAN COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE (multilingual) by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Japan Student Services Organization
How can I obtain visa to visit Japan?
Contact the Japanese embassy in your country or check the website shown below.
Guide to Japanese Visa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website

Contact Information

How can I contact the JICE headquarters or a branch office?
Please contact us from the website.

About this website

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May I copy and use the pictures on this website?
No graphic data on this website is to be reprinted or copied for other than personal use. Please read our Site policy for further information.

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How can I link to this site?
You can add a link to this website, provided that your site does not violate Japanese Copyright Law. The violation includes the following: (a) being offensive to public order and morals, and mentally abusive, (b) leading to a misunderstanding that the site owner has partnership or a collaborative relationship with JICE, (c) leading to a misunderstanding that JICE supports and assists the website, and (e) containing parts of this website. If you want to link to this site, please go to the websites listed below.
Japanese website top page: http://sv2.jice.org/jenesys
English website top page: http://sv2.jice.org/jenesys/e/index.htm

When you add link sites, please notify the person in charge of the JICE-JENESYS website (kokusaikoryu@jice.org) that you have done so.
When JICE considers the links to be inappropriate or to be not correctly set, we may contact you about eliminating of the link or ask you to amend the link installation.

*Please note that the URL of this website may be altered or eliminated without prior notification.
When you found faults in relation to links
If you are not guided to the intended sites after clicking, please contact us using posting form.