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Comments from host families

Homestay experiences


Homestay with JENESYS

In our homestay programme, young people from outside Japan can stay in Japanese homes for a few days. They will be able to meet Japanese people in an informal environment while spending time with them as a member of the family. It also means that the host family gains an access to a new culture through their young guest.

It is not unusual to hear about young people who had previously had a negative image about the Japanese and then fell in love with Japan by experiencing firsthand the warmth and hospitality of the Japanese. Many of the host families happily comment that, even though they are not related by blood, they feel as if they now have an extended family outside Japan.

Homestay is one of our most valued programmes. The experiences they have in Japanese homes will remain in their hearts all their lives. Countless friendships have sprung up across national boundaries, thanks to the host families who have kindly participated in our programme.

Homestay, step-by-step(basic procedure)

Recruitment of host families through local government,schools, and public organizations.

» JICE sends application forms to the applicants

» applicants complete and return the forms

» selection of host families
Briefing session

*You will be given explanations about the host country; e.g. history, taboos.
You can also hear accounts from experienced hosts.
The first day of homestay

Meeting ceremony with a host family, Move to the family's home and start of the homestay.

*For emergency use, each guest is provided with a cell phone with direct access to coordinators who are fluent in the local Language. The service is available 24/7.
The last day of homestay: farewell party