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Site Policy

Site Policy

Thank you very much for using the JICE-JENESYS website (hereinafter, "this site"). This site provides information on the JENESYS Programme handled by the Japan International Cooperation Center (hereinafter, "JICE"), and is operated under the following Terms of Use with the aim of assisting in broad-based international exchange for those affiliated with the Programme and for others. All those who access and use this site shall be considered to have agreed to this Site Policy.

This Site Policy is subject to change without notice. Any changes in this Site Policy will be posted on this site for users' information. At the time of their first access and use of this site following the posting of a change, all users shall be considered to have agreed to the terms following the change.

1. Copyrights
  (1)Unless otherwise noted, all copyrights (or intellectual property rights) of information (text, illustrations, images, video, etc.) on this site belong to JICE.
  (2)Reproduction or duplication of any information on this site, in whole or in part, is prohibited for any purpose other than personal use.
  (3) The information on this site may be quoted for primarily educational or similar purposes, or within the scope expressly allowed by law. In such cases, please clearly credit the source using a method such as the following.

*Examples of source crediting:
"Copyright JICE" "Source: JICE"

  (4)However, to protect the rights of persons affiliated with the Programme and other specific individuals appearing in the images and videos on this site, use of such images and videos requires the approval of such persons. Please contact a representative by telephone for information on how to obtain the approval of such persons.

International Exchange Department, Japan International Cooperation Center
JICE-JENESYS Website Manageríí Tel: 03-6838-2730

  (5)Use of the information on this site for advertisements, sales, or other commercial purpose is prohibited. However, only in cases where the approval of JICE has been obtained, usage of such information for memorabilia, etc. can be allowed. In such cases, JICE does not endorse or recommend such product (memorabilia, etc.), and does not exclusively allow such usage.

2. Legal Disclaimer
  (1)Although we pay special attention to the security of this site, we cannot guarantee that all possibility of errors in content, tampering by third parties, or other content errors beyond our control will be eliminated, and we shall not be liable for any damages resulting from any user's usage of this site or the information on this site.
  (2)This site includes, for the convenience of users, contents, links, and other information that is provided by third parties and not the responsibility of JICE, as well as translations of the same carried out by JICE.