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2013/10/1 - 10/9 229 Students

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POP Culture (University Students)
2013/10/1 - 10/9 229 Students

((Programme Outline))
229 university students from 10 ASEAN countries, Timor-Leste, India, Australia and New Zealand, who have strong interests in Japanese pop culture, visited Japan. The participants were separated into three groups consisting of several participants from each country: a "Fashion group", an "Animation group", and an "Entertainment group". After attending programmes held in Tokyo, each group visited Chubu Regions, Kansai Regions, and Kyushu Regions, respectively.

In Tokyo, the participants observed companies and commercial facilities that are promoting Japanese subcultures. They also took part in workshops of animation and fashion at colleges, where they enjoyed exchanges with Japanese and overseas students of the same generation who have the same fields of interests.

popculture_photo1.JPG popculture_photo2.JPG
Bunka Fashion Graduate University (Tokyo)
Observing Kitakyushu Manga Museum (Fukuoka)

During the prefectural (local region) programmes, the participants learned of the efforts to promote subcultures by local governments and local companies, and they also had chances to appreciate traditional Japanese culture, including Noh and Ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints). Through school exchanges and homestays, they experienced different lifestyles and seemed to have discovered "Cool Japan" in education and everyday life, as well as in the Japanese economy and culture.

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