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Voices from Hosts in Japan: Science and Technology 25th Batch

"The programme provided me with an opportunity to re-examine my attitudes of working on research and myself"
 (Student, Tohoku Institute of Technoligy)

Through interacting with foreign students from Vietnam, I was able to re-examine myself. The Vietnamese students were very much interested in Japanese technology and research. They listened very attentively and asked us many questions with the help of an interpreter when they did not understand Japanese. I felt their enthusiasm and thought that I should work hard on my research so that I would not fall behind them. I made friends with some of the students and exchanged contact information during the exchange programme, and I still keep in touch with them via Facebook.

"Through interacting with Asian students who think differently"
 (Student, Tohoku Institute of Technoligy)

I think that the exchange programme gave us an opportunity to bring the attention of Asian students to activities we are engaged in at university and research that students of each department are working on. When we explained our research to the Asian students, they listened to us very attentively. Through their questions, I was able to learn a little more about what students in other Asian countries feel and think. Since living conditions and methods of learning differ from country to country, I think that foreign people feel differently about things that we do. Therefore, if we do research with them, I felt that it may bring about something different.

"Hosting 5 students who all came from different countries"
 (Host family, Aomori)

We hosted 5 students who all came from different countries. They got along well with each other and were having a good time together. Before receiving them, I was a little worried that hosting students who all came from different countries would cause problems. However, we were able to hear about 5 countries and make pleasant memories. I felt as if all the students were my real children, and I realized that people can connect emotionally to others who speak different languages.