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Voices from Participants: JENESYS2015 Inbound program/Theme: Politics

"We learned a lot from polite and hardworking Japanese people"
(Adult from Malaysia)

During my stay in Japan, I am most impressed by the advanced technology, cleanliness,Japanese culture and politeness of Japanese. The experience of taking Shinkansen was amazing but I do think the time is costly. I have been always greeted by Japanese people wherever I go. The local people are very kind and helpful. The cleanliness of street and washroom also impressed me as I think the citizen been educated well. The Japanese culture and place of visit are attractive and I think there is more to learn but it's a bit lack of time. I do think that we need more interaction with Japanese local people to understand more about Japan.
After I return home, I would like to share my trip to my friends in meeting and through social media eg. facebook. The culture and politeness as well as some of the good habit like punctuality should be widely promoted. The tasty food will also not be forgot to promote among friends and I do wish to visit Japan again if there is a chance in the future.

"Pledge to Peace at Hiroshima"
(Adult from Malaysia)

Most impressed by a volunteer tour guide in Hiroshima bomb site. He was the survivor for the atomic bomb incident. He was 5 when he experienced the incident. I asked him if he hated the USA for dropping the atomic bomb. To my surprise he asked me back “Why should I hate the USA?” “This is military action and we as a citizen should not hate government nor the USA for the incident.” he replied.
I am very impressed by him for his forgiving heart and sincerely hope that the Hiroshima incident will not repeat again in the history of mankind.

"Surprised at how the downtown area in Osaka was cleaned"
(Adult from Malaysia)

I'm certainly very impressed with the mannerism of the Japanese practiced widely in the country. The level of politeness is very admirable and I think that could be one of the reasons of why the country is doing so well in so many aspects in life. People are generally very diligent and professional in whatever they are doing eg. work, school and politics.
Japanese are very clean, neat and tidy. They take care of their houses, restaurants, hotels very well. Even a busy street like Osaka will be cleaned thoroughly after 12 midnight. People also take care of their places very well.