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1st Tour From Thailand (University Student)
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1st Tour From Thailand (University Student)

1.I was touched by the spirit of "not just waiting for help but doing what one can do" by self-help, mutual help and public help.
I was deeply impressed when I learned of the restoration plan to widen rivers to allow an increased flow of water and prevent floods from recurring. I was also touched by the spirit of "not just waiting for outside help but doing first what one can do" by self-help, mutual help and public help in the event of a disaster. Japanese people are not selfish and always think of everyone else. I learned the Japanese mindset of having consideration for others.
I visited Tadami-machi, which was surrounded by beautiful nature and had excellent schools. Although the local people described the town as a countryside place, I was impressed by its schools, which were many times better than any of those in Bangkok. I can see that Japan has directed great efforts in education. The public spirit has been inculcated into Japanese children from early childhood. I hope that the Thai government will recognize the significance of this and conduct education like that in Japan. Although there are still only a few people in Thailand who know of Tadami-machi, if my friends plan to go to Japan, I shall recommend they visit the town.

2.I hope to convey the Japanese unwavering attitude and thoughts to the Thai people
During my visit to the devastated areas, I was deeply touched by the perseverance and indomitable spirit Japanese people still possess despite the earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear accident.
In viewing the current situation of the devastated areas, I could imagine the hardships and sufferings the disaster victims had to overcome to survive. In order to emerge from this devastation, they have probably helped each other and worked hard striving to regain their former fulfilled lives. When I return to my country, I shall tell the people of Thailand about the Japanese people's unwavering attitude and thoughts as well as what I experienced and learned during this visit.
Through the program, I was able to understand the feelings of Japanese people, by which I was profoundly impressed. I would like to be of as much service as possible to the Japanese people in the future.

3.I am certain Japan can overcome its problems. Don't give up, Japan! (Supervisor)
Before my visit to Japan, I had terrifying images of the devastated areas. But after actually visiting the country, I was reminded of and deeply impressed by the fact that Japan still remains the same safe country as before. There was nothing to be scared of.
When we visited rivers where bank protection work was being carried out, I saw people making concerted efforts to widen and reconstruct the rivers. I realized again that Japanese are well-ordered, well-disciplined people full of a sense of responsibility.
During my participation in the Kizuna (Bond) Project, I was greeted by many smiling faces of residents and people working hard to clear harmful rumors caused by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster. Although Japan is evidently faced with many problems, I am convinced that the people in Japan can surely overcome them for they have the imagination and the ability to get things done. Don't give up, Japan, don't give up!
When I return to my country, I plan to hold seminars with students who participated in the project and invite other students from my university’s various club activities, and make a presentation on what we saw, heard and learned while in Japan.
Furthermore, since I teach as a special lecturer at different universities, I plan to give lectures on the disasters I studied this time to students of other universities. Through the Kizuna (Bond) Project, I was able to rediscover the endless potential of humankind and the virtues of public help. Don't give, Japan, don't give up!

4.I was able to learn about measures against unpredictable disasters.
When I visited Tadami-machi, I was impressed by the town's very beautiful nature and the various Japanese customs with which we became familiar. It is very interesting to study culture.
In addition, I was able to learn about disaster prevention measures in preparation for unpredictable disasters.

5.Fukushima's negative images created by harmful rumors were dispelled after my actual visit
Before my visit to Tadami-machi, Fukushima, I had negative images and views towards Fukushima due to harmful rumors. But after actually visiting the place and feeling and experiencing the atmosphere, I dispelled such thoughts. There was the beautiful and invigorating nature of Fukushima surrounding us.
Although Japanese and Thai cultures naturally differ, I like very much the Japanese way of considering the whole, including their attitude of adhering strictly to laws and regulations. It is something I think Japanese people should be proud of.
When I return to Thailand, I would like to convey the various impressions I gained through the program.

6.I want Thai people to become conscious of public help and be able to consider the whole like Japanese people do
I was deeply impressed to know that Japanese people are educated on their personal roles and social responsibilities, the recognition of which is somewhat lacking in Thailand. If Thai people were to become aware of such matters and be able to think about society as a whole, I think today’s confusion might be prevented in the future.
Another Japanese virtue, which I think should be passed on to the next generation, is the Japanese people's respect for others and regarding themselves of being members of the team. I hope that Thai people will become more public-minded and be able to consider the whole in the future.

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