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What is "The report by participants after returning home"?

 "The report by participants after returning home" is Ex post facto report system for participants.
  A voluntary post-program report is much appreciated from those of you who came to Japan, or exchanged with Japanese people in your country through the program.

 The programme aims to widely share correct recognition of the current state of the disaster-affected areas by the Great East Japan Earthquake, knowledge for disaster prevention, and other matters.

 we request that everyone who has visited Japan as a participant in the programme takes back to their homes, schools and workplaces the things that they have learned and discovered in the disaster-affected areas, and publicizes this information to as many people as possible.
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 we request that all of the Japanese participants who were dispatched overseas provide a post-programme report concerning the way in which the information that they shared in the area they visited was received and the activities to which this information subsequently led.

 Furthermore, we request that the local people who hosted the Japanese participants and participated in the exchange themselves also provide a report concerning what they have learned as a result of this project and what activities this exchange programme has triggered.
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 You can see the reports from the program page.
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