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 1st batch From Timor-Leste (High School Student)
2013/2/3-11  40 people
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(Invitation Projects from Timor-Leste conducted by JICE :
 1st batch From Timor-Leste (High School Student)
2013/2/3-11  40 people

((Summary of Program))
 Participants visited to Sendai City, Natori City, Shiogama City, and Matsushima Town, in MIYAGI Pref.

  In March 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent tsunami caused massive damage mainly to the coastal areas.
 In Arahama district in Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai City, which was one of the hardest hit areas, the tsunami reached as high as 10 meters (the world's highest wave on a plain), striking the communities after breaking over a concrete breakwater and trees designed to protect the coast from tsunamis.
 In Natori City, especially, fishing ports, fish processing facilities and horticultural facilities were devastated by the disaster, making it difficult to resume business.
 In Shiogama City, both the earthquake, which measured seven on the Japanese scale of seven, and the massive tsunami that followed hit the city.
 Matsushima Town was hit by the massive tsunami, but since about 260 large and small islands on Matsushima Bay served as a buffer, the town was less affected than other areas and was called the town protected by the islands. However, the oyster farming that has thrived since long ago suffered devastating damage.

 The delegation to Japan visited East-Sendai Senior High School, which President of Timor Leste had also visited after the earthquake. Through the interaction with high school students there, they learned of the people's experience of the earthquake and the restoration work, and also attended some of the classes and exchanged opinions with the students of their generation.
 Also during the field trip to Yuriage area in Natori City, where nearly 900 people lost their lives and over 90% of the houses were washed away by the tsunami, they learned of the situations and the damages during and after the earthquake, the status of restoration work, the feelings the local people had, and the history of Yuriage.

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