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For First-time Visitors

This website has been maintained by Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), which is one of the organizations that coordinate the Kizuna (bond) Project.

The purpose is to provide a place where participants in the Kizuna Project implemented by JICE can stay connected with others, to contribute to the further development of international exchange, and We believe that recovery efforts and projects involving international youth exchange in the disaster-affected areas require the support of many people on many levels. The efforts bear fruit only after a long-term commitment.

Ever since its foundation in 1977, JICE has positioned international youth exchange as one of its primary focus areas. The center has organized a multitude of projects that bring together people of the same generation from Asia and other countries in the world.

While always stressing the importance of human relationships, we have closely worked with governmental agencies, local governments and youth exchange organizations in and outside of Japan to implement projects. A solid network has been developed as a result of such efforts.

Making use of the rich experience and knowledge we have gained, we will continue to contribute to Japans recovery by fostering and strengthening the bond between the world community and, not only the disaster-affected areas, but also the whole country of Japan.

We hope that this website serves as a valuable hub for community-based international exchange. All visitors are welcome to make use of the contents found here.